Troubleshooting broken images when sharing to Pinterest

Depending on your website’s configuration, there could be times when sharing images to Pinterest using Hubbub Pro can result in seeing broken images in Pinterest’s share tools.

The main reason we’ve seen this happen is due to lazy loading images.

If your website lazy loads images, which means that images are not loaded until the browser needs to display them to the website visitor, this can cause Pinterest to ignore those images until they are loaded. If your visitor chooses to share your post to Pinterest before they’ve scrolled far enough for the image to be loaded, this can sometimes result in broken images in Pinterest’s share tool.

To help with that, we have a feature in beta to help with images that are lazy loaded on the page. The reason the feature is in beta is due to the variety of ways that websites are configured using many different plugins and options. We recommend turning on the “Lazy load compatibility (BETA)” option in the Hubbub Pro > Pinterest settings. (See screenshot below)

In addition, if you are using Hubbub Pro’s “Hidden Pinterest Images” feature, and you’re experiencing issues with broken images for those images, you may also want to turn on the “Disable Lazy Load for Hidden Images” option as well. This turns off lazy loading for Pinterest hidden images which should allow the Pinterest sharing tool to see those images when they are needed.

We are continually improving Hubbub Pro. If you’re you’ve tried these settings and are still experiencing problems with Pinterest images not loading, please open a support ticket with Hubbub Support so that we can help you resolve it (and potentially resolve it for many other websites!).

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Updated on January 11, 2024