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How to activate Facebook share count

To activate share counts in Hubbub there are two options:

Option 1: Connecting to the Grow Facebook App #

From Hubbub -> Settings -> General Settings tab -> Misc section, select the “Grow by Mediavine App” option in the “Facebook Share Counts Provider” field.

With the “Grow by Mediavine App” option selected, a button named “Authorize Grow” should show up.

Clicking it should redirect you to Facebook, where you should be prompted with an approval window. In order to approve the connection between the Grow Facebook App and your account, please click the “Continue as…” button.

Important note: No sensitive information is being collected or manipulated by the Grow Facebook App. Also, the Grow Facebook App will not and cannot post on your behalf.

Once you’ve approved the connection with the Grow Facebook App, you should be redirected back to your website, in the Hubbub -> Settings page. A notification should be displayed at the top of the page letting you know the authentication was successful.

A green notification should also show up under the “Facebook Share Counts Provider” field, letting you know the app was authorized.

Alongside the “Authorized” message there should be an expiration date. Upon authorization Facebook generates an access token that has a two month expiration period.

Once the access token expires, the app will need to be reauthorized. Hubbub will prompt you with a notification once the access token expires.

Important note: The two month token is a Facebook limitation and there’s not much that can be done about it using this authorization process.

Option 2: Creating your own Facebook App and connecting to it #

If you already have a Facebook App created for your website, you can connect it by navigating to Hubbub -> Settings -> General Settings tab -> Misc section and adding the Facebook App ID and Facebook App Secret.

Important note: Facebook has certain limits when it comes to connecting to their services. Using your own Facebook App can lead to reaching these limits if your website sees high traffic.

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Updated on November 22, 2023