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Email Deliverability

Hubbub Pro+’s Save This tool uses WordPress’ built-in email sending functionality. This means that your server and domain need to be configured properly in order to send the emails — and for your recipients to receive them successfully.

Typically, the best way to help email deliverability is to use a third-party SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server for email sending. This will let you send from a server/service that is specifically designed and optimized for email sending.

We generally recommend sending “From” an email address at your site’s domain, (such as [email protected]) rather than from a free email service such as Gmail. However, both are possible!

If your site is hosted on a high-quality, managed WordPress hosting platform, we recommend reaching out to your host first to get their help setting up email on your domain, and then sending via an SMTP server.

Ask Your Host… #

BigScoots #

If your site is hosted with BigScoots, they’ll take care of all of this for you. Open a ticket (or send an email to [email protected]) and ask them to set up SMTP sending on your site.

Cloudways #

Cloudways has a few ways to set up SMTP sending.

Server Option: First is at the server level, using the SMTP settings in the Server settings. This will apply to all applications on the same server. You can then use your own email account (if it allows SMTP sending), a third-party SMTP server, or purchase their Elastic Email Add-on.

Single Site Option: If you have multiple applications on the same server, and don’t want them all to use the same SMTP settings, you’ll need to install a WordPress SMTP plugin — and then send through your own SMTP service. We recommend FluentSMTP.

Deep Roots Hosting (Formerly Agathon) #

Deep Roots typically sets up SMTP for their clients automatically. Contact them at [email protected] and they’ll jump in to check your configuration and make any changes needed.

More hosts coming soon!

Gmail or Google Workspace #

Although we don’t recommend it, it is possible to send directly from your Gmail account ([email protected]) or Google Workspace account ([email protected]).

Google has some sending limits (500-1000 messages/day), so on high-traffic sites this will not scale well. Additionally, all the sent emails will be in your archive/sent folder.

Free Option: The FluentSMTP or WP Mail SMTP plugins can both connect to Google’s servers to do this. You’ll need to create a “Project” inside Google Developer Console, get the API keys, and link it all up.

Here are FluentSMTP’s instructions and WP Mail SMTP’s instructions.

Paid Option: The paid version of WP Mail SMTP (starting at $49/year) has a “One-Click” Gmail/Google Workspace setup, which saves you the hassle of creating that extra Project. Those instructions are here.

We’re here to help! #

If you experience any issues sending email from your website, please contact our support team and we’ll be happy to help.

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Updated on June 5, 2024